Dasherboards are the most prominent and easily recognizable piece of equipment inside an ice rink. Quality craftsmanship, along with innovative design, is critical to the safety of skaters and the longevity of the product. Rink Services Group has a long and successful history in the installation and repair of ice rink dasherboards. Whether you are building a new rink, or retrofitting an existing facility, our team will work with you to ensure that your dasher board system is top of the line.

Ice Painting

With over 25 years of ice painting experience, our ice professionals can provide the solution that not only meets your needs, but exceeds them. When changeover time is tight at your facility and staff is at a minimum, contact RSG, an authorized Jet Ice distributor. One call does it all…RSG stocks all standard colors and commonly used custom colors as well as full textile markings. We show up with all the Jet Ice paint or textiles needed to apply your white, lines, circles, and any logos that you may require. RSG brings all the required equipment, ensures markings are done to the applicable rules, and provides sufficient seal coats of ice to protect our work and allow you to finish ice building, or have RSG bring your ice to a skate ready thickness.

Ice Installation

Rink Services Group is the choice for projects that require the complete ice installation process accomplished in the shortest possible time. RSG has years of experience with a multitude of special event projects as well as simply providing assistance to local community operations that do not have the available staff to accomplish the task effectively.


Logo Installation

Whether you need one simple text logo or a full sheet of corporate logos, Jet Ice can professionally paint or install. Please contact us to learn more about our In-Ice Logo services.

Protective Netting